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Ontario Needs Proportional Representation

In June 2018, Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives were elected to a majority government with 40.5% of the vote. This gives them 100% of the power to make policy with little regard for the views of the majority who voted for other parties

Want to help the campaign for proportional representation in Ontario?

Presently, we are collecting petition signatures on the Declaration of Voters’ Rights for MPPs to present in the Ontario legislature. If you would like to help, you can download the petition using the button on the right. Since the petitions presented in the Ontario legislature must be originals, please contact for a mailing address.

You can also download a sign to take to a rally.

False Majority Governments

Ford’s government continues a long line of false majority government in Ontario in which a single party with less than half the votes gets more than half the seats.

Since 1943, we have had 17 false majority governments and 5 minority governments but not a single majority government based on a majority of the popular vote.  This means the majority of voters are routinely shut out of having a voice in policy making.

See a full history of Ontario election results.

Most Voters Elect No-One

In every Ontario election, about half of all voters elect no-one. In Ontario in 2018, 52% of voters cast “wasted votes”. This means the majority of Ontario voters have an MPP who does not represent their values.

Cooperation Leads to Better Outcomes

First-past-the-post can also result in “policy lurch” – large swings in policy where one party undoes many of the policies of the previous government. In Ontario, we have seen this with environmental policy (cancellation of cap and trade and renewable energy projects) and sex education.

Proportional representation cooperative approach to policymaking leads to more resilient policies that stand the test of time. Experience from around the world shows that when voters are represented in proportion to how they voted and parties cooperate to make policy, we get better results. Fair Vote Canada’s Look at the Evidence summarizes the work of researchers on this subject. 

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